How to have a 'Happy Wardrobe'!



What do I mean when I say ... a Happy Wardrobe?? I mean maintaining a wardrobe that makes you SMILE in the mornings … that makes you look forward to getting dressed ... a Happy Place to begin day!

I know before even asking ... that there will be some of you that don’t enjoy getting ready in the mornings … you may even have some anxiety surrounding the process. Which is not a good way to start the day!

I’m going to walk you through a 5 Step process that I did to help me look forward to getting dressed in the mornings! And trust me this has not always been the case … post baby number 3 was a time when I loathed the thought of having to get out of my PJ’s and into something that actually showed off my mummy shape. But with some positive self talk and a difference in perspective, I have turned my mornings around.

Firstly … set aside a day … yep, it’ll take at least a day … of course I’m factoring in children, phone calls, social media breaks and lunchtime … if you can rid yourself of most of those daily demands you will most definitely move through this process of a lot quicker!

Step 1: Pull everything out of your wardrobe … everything off the hangers, out of the draws, off the shelves – everything! Put everything into a big pile outside of the wardrobe … and now the fun begins!

Step 2: Start at the top of the pile …. and with each garment ask yourself the following questions:

a) Do I LOVE this?

b) Does it fit me right NOW?

c) Would I wear this right NOW?

d) Do I feel really FABULOUS in this?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions then DO NOT put it back into your wardrobe … regardless of how much it cost, or how much weight you are planning to loose, how long you have had it or whether you think you ‘just need to buy the right thing to go with it’ … pop it into the ‘OP SHOP Bag’ and move right along to the next item!

If you answered YES to all the questions – then pop that garment back onto a coat hanger and into your wardrobe – it’s a keeper!!

Step 3: Once you have completed step 2 for each and every item from your wardrobe (don’t forget shoes!), look at your wardrobe and see how different it looks – is there now lots more room? Perhaps you now have a very empty wardrobe if you were really honest with yourself and finally got rid of those dresses that haven’t fit since high school or those pants you bought last season that never really fit right – but you paid so much for them you couldn’t let them go! But there’s simply no reason to keep clothes or shoes if you are truly not going to wear them. They just take up space and make your wardrobe cluttered … which in turn makes your mind cluttered – which makes your mornings stressful! Not to mention the impact on your self esteem … if each morning you are faced with racks of clothes that don’t actually fit you – that’s a horrible thing to put yourself through each and every day! I know this can be a hard thing to do … but letting go of these clothes is not ‘failure’, it is not ‘letting yourself go’, it is not ‘settling’! It’s being kind to yourself. I’m not saying don’t have fitness and health goals – these are very important for being the best version of yourself. But what I am saying is … LOVE yourself for who you are right now! Don’t punish yourself for not being at your ideal weight by reminding yourself everyday … don’t bully yourself into losing weight by shoving it in your face!

With those clothes gone, you make room for clothes that make you feel good now! That celebrate your body and celebrate you! And if you are feeling good about the way you look now … then you are more likely to make better healthier lifestyle choices throughout the day.

Step 4: Make yourself a list of any staple items you need to replace … i.e. JEANS, Blazer, SHIRTS … then make a plan to ‘find these items ‘ … I recommend hitting the Op Shops first, not only would you be saving yourself money … you will be shopping responsibly by buying preloved! If you have no luck in finding your items second hand … then do your research to find brands that not only suit your style, but ensure their size range is suitable to you ... (you want to be able to move up or down a size depending on the style or fit of the garment) and of course it has to suit your budget.

When shopping for these garments, ensure you try them on … and properly! Don’t just chuck a dress on over your pants or a shirt over your top … try it on as if you were actually wearing it! Always ensure you are able to return the garment if you change your mind. After you have bought it … keep the tags on and try it on again at home, ask yourself those 4 questions and only then do you cut the tags off and pop it into your wardrobe!

Step 5: I recommend doing this process once a month – but don’t worry you don’t have to pull everything out … but to maintain a ‘Happy Wardrobe’ it’s important to keep it up to date – and by this I don’t mean fashion trends – I mean that we all change and grow along the way … whether that be a career change, having a baby, moving cities … all these changes will have an impact on what you may wish to wear. So keep your wardrobe evolving with you, your mornings will thank you for it. ‘Happy Wardrobe = Happy Morning’.

Stay tuned for PART TWO of 'How to have a 'Happy Wardrobe'!

Bianca x


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