How to have a 'Happy Wardrobe' ... Part Two!

Okay here it is ... the second part to creating a 'Happy Wardrobe'! In Blog Part one, we talked about having a major clean out ... getting tough, and getting rid of anything that didn't make us feel GOOD about ourselves! This next phase is just as important.

It's ensuring that your 'getting ready' space ... which may be in your wardrobe if you have a 'walk in' or it might be the area in front or to the side of your wardrobe ... if you have a cupboard in your bedroom. Regardless of where the space is ... it is important to make sure it is a calming one. Stress levels can already be high in the mornings, you might be rushing to get to work, anxious about an important meeting, you might be trying to get children ready for school or just managing the rugrats at your feet. So it's important that the space that greets you in the morning is calming and helps to balance any stress.

The best way to achieve a calming space is to ensure there is no mess or clutter! Part one of creating a 'Happy Wardrobe' would have certainly helped this ... but keeping things neat and tidy is a must! In addition to this, you can hang artworks or prints that make you smile, have your accessories well laid out and easily accessible.

Have a mirror close by with good lighting (perhaps near a window, natural light is always best) ... so you can easily try things on and play around with your accessories. Have a clock visible, this will help you keep track of the time whilst getting ready, and avoid any stress of running behind schedule! And lastly ... if you are a music lover ... pop a radio or sound system in this area ... music is a great way to lower stress levels ... and starting the day listening to your favourite song is sure to lift your mood!

If the space makes you happy then you have achieved what you set out to do! If you start the day right, with a smile on your face, I think anything is possible.

Be happy and think Green!

Love Bianca x

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