On Saturday I was a Minimalist.

Hello Ladies,

Let's talk Minimalism ... some of you may be familiar with this concept, others may not have heard of it or given it much attention. Here's what it is ... and I quote: 'Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry, Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt . Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we've built our lives around. Real Freedom'. (THE MINIMALISTS)

Wow, sounds amazing doesn't it! 'Real Freedom' - not sure what that means exactly but it sounds great! Haha. My interest in culling my possessions deepened after stumbling across the Podcast 'Slow your Home' ... a podcast that explores the idea of simplifying life by having less. It's inspiring, encouraging and easy to relate to. In particular it discusses everyday living and how to simplify, so that you can let go of the constant 'hustle'! Sounds unbelievable right!? What really grabbed my attention was that, if I had less items in the house, it would mean less housework and cleaning ... and more time for the things I love in life! After months of listening it was time to put some of what I had learned into practice! My day at home on Saturday was just what was needed to make a start!

The Kitchen ... the hub of the House, the soul of the Home ... usually the most busy and scattered place (apart from the kids playroom, but that's a whole other blog post!) ... it was calling me! It was time to get rid of all those things that weren't actually needed! The things that were creating clutter just for the sake of having them! I went draw by draw ... removing everything ... cleaning as I went ... and only putting back the items that we truly needed, the items that we used all the time. And guess what ... we don't actually need four different wooden spoons ... we only need one! Shit got real ... I was in the zone ... before I knew it, I had filled three washing baskets full of stuff just from the Kitchen! And I wasn't even finished!

The key is ... (if I can offer some in-expertise advice) ... cut the sentimental values, stop the guilt trips ... just get rid of it! I found the hardest things to get rid of were items that were given to me as a gift! But let's face it ... no one is going to know ... and further more, we can't keep everything we are ever given! It's just not practical! Trust me - it's quite freeing once you jump that fence! I almost throw out my youngest .... because she was in my way! Haha. Once you make that decision to not be sentimental, and to only keep things that truly bring you joy, or are essential to the household - that's half the battle!

There are many layers to the Kitchen, there are the practical items which we have discussed ... but also the decorative ... those things on my shelves that I had collected to make the space look pretty. It was time to tackle these too! I was only keeping my favorite pieces ... the items that really brought me joy. Regardless of where they came from, how much they were, how long I had had them for etc.

I was making amazing progress and feeling more and more inspired by this feeling of freedom. I had filled yet another washing basket of stuff (that I will be donating to my local Op Shop). But I still wasn't finished, I couldn't forget the fridge and freezer ... and the walls! Thorough was the only way to go! Yes, it was a big job ... but when you've got no where to be (because you're husband is at work and you've got sick kids) ... it's the perfect way to spend a Saturday! Plus the satisfaction of achieving such a big task was the best! The kitchen felt cleaner, fresher and more spacious ... plus it looked crisp and styled.

Such a great feeling to have the most important part of my home under control, clean and organized! I'm not going to say it will stay like that forever ... minimizing clutter is something that needs constant attention ... it's amazing how quickly it creeps back in! Especially if you have little kids at home! They are like little birds ... collecting things for their nest! All sorts of crap! Haha.

But as an Adult, there's something we can do ... 'Pause before you Pay' ... really stop and think about the purchase you are about to make. There is a ripple affect every time we make the decision to buy something, it is has an impact on the world we live in! Both in a figurative sense and in literal one ... the impact is real. Make considered and thoughtful purchases and they will never be regretful ones, and the impact will always be positive.

Well, the Kitchen is done ... onto the next room on my list ... the dreaded Playroom! This space might call for an 'Before and After Shot'! Stay Tuned!

Think Green!

Love Bianca x

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