SMALL changes = BIG difference!

Hello Everyone!!

This week I'm talking Sustainability ... here's 5 things you can do TODAY to be more environmentally conscious:

1. DITCH THE TEA BAGS ... did you know that Tea Bags not only pose a threat to the environment by contributing a huge amount of waste into landfill, but they also pose a risk to our health! I'll be honest, until recently I was unaware that Tea Bags actually contained plastic! Plastic that we inevitably consume. An easy fix is to indulge in some Loose Leaf tradition ... not only does it taste better and smell better, it's much better for us!

2. BAMBOO FOR THE WIN ... how many toothbrushes do you use in a year? How many have you used in your lifetime? Guess what ... they still exist somewhere!! Along with every other bit of plastic ever produced! Toothbrushes are an essential item ... but they don't have to be plastic!! Next time you replace your toothbrush ... buy a biodegradable bamboo one!

3. ONE IS NOT ENOUGH ... Yep, I said it. And it's not just because I love coffee!! It's because the chances of remembering to wash and take your reuseable coffee cup each day is unlikely ... I'm talking from experience! Having one that is always in your car ... or in your handbag ... will help ensure you never get caught out! So double up on this one, it'll be worth it!

4. DRAW YOUR STRAW ... plastic straws are yet another example of unnecessary waste! The obvious choice is to say no to the straw ... and just use our mouths! But let's face it ... sometimes we'd prefer a straw ... maybe to enjoy a smoothie, or perhaps we've just applied a fresh lip color! No woman wants to mess with that! So there is another option ... invest in a reusable one!! Stainless Steel or Glass Straws are just two options ... believe it or not there are more. Pop one in your handbag along with your coffee cup and you have made two small changes that will have a major impact over time.

5. BE A BAG LADY ... this is as simple and as easy as it gets, and I'm sure you've heard this one about a million times before! No more plastic bags ... switch to reusable ones! Pop them in the boot of your car as soon as you finish unpacking the groceries ... or if you don't trust yourself ... invest in a secondary set so you always have some in the car! Plus ... don't forget the additional one that you need to keep in your handbag ... that way you are always prepared!

There you have it ... 5 simple SWAPS that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE! Get social and inspire others by sharing your sustainable swaps on social media! Tag me @the_wardrobe_green and use the hashtag #TWGsustainableswap ... get creative and have fun with it!

Bye for now,

Bianca x

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