Recently I decided to change my Wardrobe situation ... taking my 'More is More' nightmare to a lesser and more manageable 'Less is more' approach. It has been several weeks and I am loving it!

A Capsule Wardrobe, by my own definition, is a wardrobe that celebrates your own personal style, using quality items that can be mixed and matched and worn in a variety of ways. It's another way to say no to Fast Fashion, and embrace the Slow.

It used to be that there were only four seasons of fashion, along with our changing seasonal weather, but now we are exposed to a massive 52! With new fashion styles being released on a weekly basis in some stores. Of course this does what it intends ... encouraging consumers to, well, consume. It can be all too easy to jump on board, trust me, I have spent many years of my life on the Fast Fashion Train ... but guess what, it only ever leaves you empty. Empty in the bank account, in the heart and sadly still with nothing to wear!

Ever caught yourself starring into your wardrobe and thinking 'I have nothing to wear' ... yet there are so many clothes that the thought seemed ridiculous? I have. More is definitely not the answer, but I think many of us fall into the trap of continuing to search for that magic garment ... you know that one. It fits like a glove, it makes us look 5 kilos thinner, flatters in all the right places, the perfect color and we magically transform into a supermodel when we pop it on. The 'White Whale' of Fashion. I've searched for this garment ... high and low ... disappointingly I never found it. And to be honest, I kind of got sick of looking ... and buying, and still ending up with nothing to wear. This approach wasn't working for me ... not anymore, not now I am a mum. There are way too many other things I need to be spending my money on, and way too many things to be doing in the mornings (other than chucking a wardrobe tantrum! Yes, it's a thing ... and I have done it many times! Haha).

I have found great success with making the change to a Capsule Wardrobe. I have less options so there's no overwhelm. I only have items in my Wardrobe that I LOVE, that make me feel good and that are easy to layer and accessorize. No more endless shopping for clothes and getting dressed in the morning, is much quicker and easier. I highly recommend the change ... and here's how I did it:

My Five Steps to a CAPSULE WARDROBE:

1. Look in the Mirror. It's you ... it's really you!! This is what you look like right now. Whether you are thinner than you want to be, or heavier than you want to be - this is your reality right now. In order to create a style and wardrobe that you love and that works for you, you need to accept that this is you right now. It doesn't have to be forever, but for now ... embrace you. I know this is easier said than done, trust me, this is something that I struggled with too. But it's an important step to truly be able to create a style you love and a wardrobe that reflects it.

2. Decide on your Style. Think about how you want to feel and look in your clothes, and if it is compatible with your lifestyle. For me, I wanted a style that worked seamlessly as a mum and for my business. Finding your true style is something that can take some time ... and remember just because you haven't dressed a certain way before doesn't mean you can't now! Our minds and bodies change over time, it's okay to re-invent yourself ... it's fun! If you are struggling, get creative and start a 'Style Board'. Collect images that reflect styles that you like ... use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

3. Clear and Cull. Pull everything out of the wardrobe. Yep - everything! It's the only way. Pick up each garment individually and ask the questions:

- Does it work in with my new confirmed Style?

- Do I love it?

- Does it fit well?

- Is it in good condition?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions ... DO NOT put it back in the wardrobe!

Continue this process with everything, including accessories. Be ruthless! Put the discarded clothing into a bag and drop to your local op shop, or sell on, or give to a friend. Either way, remove it from your house!

4. Make a list. It's time to 'fill in' the gaps. There may be lots, there may be few. It will depend on how close your old wardrobe was to your new confirmed Style, and what goes into your Capsule Wardrobe will be dependent on this too. I have seen many other Blogs, Pinterest boards and Articles outlining what a Capsule Wardrobe 'should' look like ... but really no two Capsule Wardrobes will be the same. Injecting our own individual style is crucial ... otherwise we would all look the same and that would be pretty boring, wouldn't it?! What goes into your Capsule Wardrobe also depends on where you live and your lifestyle, so again take your time with this process ... don't just go out and start shopping again! The items you choose need to work together, so spend some time in your wardrobe creating different looks with what you have ... then decide what needs to be added. A good rule for buying new clothes is to ensure the item goes with at least three items you already own. For example: You might add good quality white tee, to be worn with Jeans, a Maxi Skirt and a pair of shorts. Buy Preloved where you can, not only will this be better for your budget while creating your Capsule, but you'll be totally embracing the Slow Fashion Movement!

5. In with the 'new'. Once you have purchased your 'new' items it's time to add them to your wardrobe. and make sure they a) are inline with your Style b) work with three other garments in your wardrobe c) fit well and feel good. Make sure you hang onto receipts and keep the tags on until you are sure you LOVE the items and they actually do add options to your Wardrobe. If not, return them.

Keep reviewing your Wardrobe, edit when needed. You may find with the changes of season that your style varies, that's okay. Keep your Style Board on hand ... keep checking in and make sure you always 'Pause before you Pay' ... just in case you are falling back into old habits!

Think Green, Choose Happy,

Bianca x

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