Simple, Easy, Sustainable Christmas.

I am sure it is no surprise to anyone, when I say that Christmas is a huge waste producer! Gift Wrapping, Toy Packaging, Paper and Plastic Plates / Utensils and Food Scraps are among some of the worst offenders at this time of year. This Christmas I am more mindful than ever about my family's contribution to this massive injection of landfill. I want to share with you three very simple ways I am being more conscious this year, whilst still remaining festive!

1. SHOP PRELOVED: This is of course my favorite! I always give my girls a new storybook or two for Christmas, but this year instead of buying them new, I went to the Op Shops! Not only did I save a great deal of money buying them secondhand, but I was so thrilled to find one of my favorite books as a child, 'Dot and the Kangaroo'. I just can't wait to read it with my daughters,

2. BAN THE PAPER PLATE: With lots of family BBQ's, Picnics with Friends and the most anticipated meal of the year - Christmas Day Roast, it can be a fast and easy option to call on the disposables! But let's be honest, does anyone actually enjoy eating off them? Bringing out the china does mean more dishes ... and yes that's more time in the kitchen ... potentially away from Friends and Family. But many hands make light work, so get the family involved and share the load! Some of the best banter I have had with my family at Christmas time, has been in my Mum and Dads kitchen washing and drying dishes with my siblings. So grab out your best serving platters, your Christmas China, or just your regular selection of dinner plates (no one really cares!) ... and if you need a few extras, ask a family member to bring some along.

3. GET CREATIVE IN THE KITCHEN: There is no shortage of recipes for getting creative with leftovers of any sort, especially not Christmas leftovers! Make sure you plan ahead, do some research and ensure you have an idea of what you are going to do with any leftover Meat, Bread, Gravy and Veggies. Not only will you be saving the food from the bin, but you will be set for meals for the next couple of days! Winner!

So, there you have it, three simple, easy ways to make your Christmas more Sustainable this year.

Merry Christmas, Stay Safe, and remember to always Think Green.

Bianca xx

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