Colour and Pattern in a Capsule Wardrobe.

I love colour and I love pattern. I also love a good blank canvas, like a simple black dress or a block colour tunic. All of these items have a place in my current Capsule Wardrobe. If you've been following me for while, you will know that late last year I decided to reduce my wardrobe content and create a more cohesive, simple collection that would take me through the seasons.

A common misconception is that a 'Capsule Wardrobe' is a boring selection of neutral tone garments that perfectly fit together. Well, that's only partly true. Yes, it's a collection of garments that work together, but it doesn't have to be perfect and it certainly doesn't have to be boring. I wanted to demonstrate in this weeks blog, just how easy it is to take a statement garment, and mix and match accessories to create a variety of different looks.

This amazing maxi dress is from White Haven Emporium ... it's called Berry Jag Miracle Dress. It's a striking pattern, and it certainly is what I would call a 'statement garment'. It could be tempting to wear this dress once or twice, and then pop it to the back of the cupboard. Mainly because, statement pieces tend to attract attention and aren't easily forgotten. Let's face it, no woman wants to be seen wearing the same outfit again and again. But firstly, let's be real ... no one cares. Secondly, this dress is way too fabulous to only wear a few times. This dress now has a permanent place in my capsule wardrobe and will be worn a lot!

My first choice for clothing is Preloved ... but when I do buy New, my purchases are carefully considered. I like to Support Small Business, and I most definitely ask the question 'Who made my clothes'. Which is exactly what I did when purchasing from White Haven Emporium. I was so thrilled with the response that I was given by Alisha (Head of Marketing at White Haven Emporium). Alisha, explained in detail where the garments were made, and by whom. Alisha continued by explaining workers rate of pay, age and entitlements, as well as assuring me she had personally visited the factories. With all that in mind, I wear this dress proudly knowing it was made Ethically.

Adding colour and playing with pattern is a great way to create variety in a capsule wardrobe. Accessories are a must to add interest and flair. Don't be scared to pattern clash and mix colours ... this is how you add drama to an outfit. Be bold in your choices and most importantly have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog, I certainly had some fun creating different looks using accessories!

Thanks for reading,

Love Bianca x

DRESS: White Haven Emporium


HAT: Preloved

EARRINGS: Dainty Hoops (Toucan), Lovisa (Gold, Mustard Tassels)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie Wilson

LOCATION: Ballarat Botanical Gardens

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