Style or Fashion? That is the question.

Sometimes the lines get blurred between what is Fashion and what is Style. The fact is, they are two very different things. One heavily encourages consumerism and the other can be quite the opposite. Let's explore this more by looking at what the word Fashion actually means. According to the Google Dictionary it's 'a popular or latest style of clothing, hair, decoration or behavior'. So pretty clearly put, Fashion has little to do with you as a person and a lot to do with brands selling things.

Style on the other hand has a completely different meaning; 'A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed'. I just love this definition ... it feels somehow powerful. 'Something that is designed' ... imagine that ... thinking about our body, and how we present ourselves, as something we have personally and uniquely designed.

Some women have a clear individual style, others may dress depending on occasion and comfort. Either way it's ours and it's unique. Having a strong sense of style, can make a huge statement, breathe confidence and help in the fight against Fast Fashion.

Having confidence in how you dress, can have a huge impact on your life. I know that probably sounds melodramatic and granted there are a billion more important things going on in this world than what we pop on our body each day. But never the less, it is important, it does matter and it plays an important role in our day. Think of yourself as a blank canvas, straight out of the shower in the morning ... who are you? What are you going to wear? What makes you feel happy? What is comfortable and makes sense for this stage of your life? These are all questions vital to establishing your own personal style.

You'll notice I didn't ask, what size are you? How much you ate yesterday, whether you have a post baby body, or what size you wish you were? Quite simply, this is because your weight and size has no bearing on your personal style. None at all. Say that with me 'my weight and size has no bearing on my personal style'. Repeat this as many times as you like ... it's true!

Style is beauty, it always has been and it always will be. Choose quality clothing that tells the world who you are, clothing that is Sustainable, Ethical and will last the test of time. Pay no attention to trends, to the 'must haves' or what's currently on the catwalk. Shut out the world around you for a moment ... and that is where you will find true Style, where you will find a love for your body and the confidence to be you!

Fashion has no love for individuals. Fashion does not stand out in the crowd, it does not tell a story of who you are. It's unforgiving, unattainable and has a negative impact on women of all sizes and ages. There is nothing beautiful about Fashion. Choose STYLE over FASHION always.

Thanks for reading,

Bianca x

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