Styled for Autumn.

Hello, and welcome to March! Oh my goodness ... where are the months going?? It's Autumn and it's time to start thinking about adding some warmth to our wardrobe!

Now, before you hit the shops and start buying everything woolly and warm ... let's take a peep into your current wardrobe and see what's there! It can be all too easy to fall into the trap of buying new season trends as they hit the stores, but save yourself the time and money, and see what already lurks at the back of your cupboards!

It's been warm, so it's likely you have pushed your cooler weather garments to the side ... perhaps you may have even forgotten about a few great pieces! It's time to fall back in love with them! A great way to discover things you have forgotten, is to pull everything out and have a really good look! If you are already rocking a minimalist capsule style wardrobe that works between seasons - my work is done! Go forth and enjoy your hard work!

But for those who are a little less minimalist and a little more 'more is more' ... it's time to have some fun! The easiest way to take a wardrobe from Summer to Autumn is to LAYER! Layering is easy when you know how ... and when you have the right pieces to do it with. But before you get started ... there are a few things to note and keep front of mind! Firstly, no one cares if you wore that jacket or top or vest last season ... they have more important things to worry about. Secondly, there are no rules! Layer pattern on pattern, were faux fur during the day, wear boots with dresses ... just enjoy your clothes! With those two important things in mind ... you might find you need very little 'new' this season.

Start by creating 3 different outfits ... Firstly, select your base garment, this is a garment you will build on to create your outfit. For example, three base garments you might be: Jeans, Maxi Dress and a Tunic. Lay these items out on the bed … and start layering!

Here’s an example: Jeans: T-shirt, Cardi, Scarf, Socks, Ankle Boots.

Maxi Dress: Long Sleeve Top, Denim Vest, Socks, Ankle Boots.

Tunic: Tee Shirt, Black Tights, Knee High Boots, Scarf, Hat, Bomber Jacket.

Get creative and have fun! It’s amazing how many different looks you can create without having to buy a thing. Of course for some women, buying new items this season, will be unavoidable and that’s OK! Pregnancy or with any weight gain or loss is going to most likely result in the need for some new clothing. In these situations, give yourself permission to source 'new' items for your wardrobe.

You'll notice I used the word 'source' ... rather than shop or buy. Make a shopping list ... yep, just like the groceries! Having a list of garments you actually need, will be crucial in sourcing the right pieces for your Autumn wardrobe. Going in without a list, will most likely lead to overwhelm and you may end up buying things you actually don't need. Be specific with the list ... what is it you actually need? If it's a vest ... what colour vest? What fabric, length and style are you looking for? 

It's important to take your time and not buy the first item you see, or grab the one that is on sale. Explore the option of buying second hand, there are many online chooses or pop into your local op shops! However you choose to shop, ensure garments that are well made, and that they will last. As well as selecting classic items that will not date or go out of style! But most importantly, be kind on yourself. Choose fabrics and styles that flatter your body. Choose the RIGHT size, many women focus too heavily on that little number inside each garment. And I'm not referring to the price tag! Trust me, choosing a size that fits you well, over a size that you 'wish you were' will always be a better, more flattering look. Not only that, you will be more comfortable in the garment and more likely to actually wear it! If the size bothers you ... cut the tag off ... problem solved!

Autumn is my fave season, the fashion is fun and easy wear. It's no longer too hot and it's not yet freezing cold! Hay fever has settled and the fallen trees are so pretty! What's not to love! Your wardrobe should be a collective expression of your personality. Don't be intimidated by that notion. Just enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,

Bianca x

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