Sustainable Crafting

Let's face it, we've all made that trip into Spotlight - you know the one - the urge to create has hit and it's all systems go! We're about to get our 'craft on'!

But, like everything, there is a price to pay, and I'm not just talking about the $100 you just dropped when your creative juices were flowing. I'm speaking about the huge amount of waste that is created during these times of crafting fun. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against crafting, in fact I love it. But I am also very wary of the crafty footprint that we may leave behind.

You can imagine my shear excitement when I heard of a place which not only encouraged creativity for kids and adults alike, but also only used discarded items!

Urban up-cycle is a fantastic small business based in Geelong, a creative haven that not only saves parents from the craft mess, but also saves things from landfill! It's a collection of amazing bits and pieces ... the amount of 'stuff' is almost overwhelming! There's bottle tops, stamps, fabric, cardboard, boxes, postcards, photo frames, books, magazines and so much more. Everything is clean and well organized. It's an inviting space which leaves imaginations to run wild.

I took my girls to visit Urban Up-cycle last week and it was the perfect school holiday activity! Providing a fun, creative playtime for them, as well as showcasing the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. It certainly ticked all the boxes for me! My girls just loved it. My eldest daughter, who is seven, let her imagination ran away ... she has enthored. My 5 and 3 year old daughters did need a little guidance as to what to create. But after some help and a little brainstorming ... they were off and racing with their own little projects.

I highly recommend this fabulous Geelong Business ... it's fun, affordable and Sustainable! It gets 5 stars from me!

Thanks for reading,

Bianca x

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