Winter Fashion

Traditionally when we think Winter Fashion ... greys, browns, blacks and Beige come to mind. But just because it's dull outside, doesn't mean your outfit has to be!

The great Cindi Lauper once said 'on my darkest days, I wear my brightest colours' ... and why not!? We know that colour evokes emotion ... so why not choose colours to wear that help boost your mood and those around you! The doom and gloom of wintery days, cloudy skies and wet grass, can be quite the mood depressant for some. But we can help fight this feeling of 'grey' by adding some colour and sparkle to the way we dress this season.

I'm going to share with you my five tips to beat the Winter Slump via your wardrobe!

1. Bright Lip - there is no easier way to brighten your outfit than to pop on your brightest lipstick. It doesn't have to be red ... it just has to be bold and bright. Maybe an orange tone is more your flavor ... have fun exploring and playing with different shades. Once you find 'your colour' you won't leave home without it!

2. Statement Earrings - Wearing a statement jewellery piece was once saved for a night out ... but not anymore! Big Earrings are now daytime wear, and I for one, couldn't be happier! As a mum to three little girls ... there aren't enough 'nights out' for me to make the most of my beautiful earring collection! I want to be wearing and enjoying them each and everyday! Popping on a pair of your favorite statement earrings will change your entire look, and make you feel fabulous!

3. Scarves - Everyone has at least one scarf hanging in the wardrobe for this cold and windy season, but guess what, one is not enough ... and I don't say that often! Scarves in winter are not only a necessary, but they also add a layer of interest to an outfit. It will be tempting to choose neutral colours ... 'because then you can wear it with everything' ... but I urge you to resist the temptation to play it safe! Go with scarves that 'add' to your look, that speak of your personality and make you feel great! Scarves shouldn't be an afterthought as you walk out the door ... make it a essential part of your daily look during these colder months.

4. Tights - Of course pants are the natural 'go to' at this time of year ... but please don't say goodbye to your dresses just yet! Invest in a good pair of tights, proper winter tights that will actually keep you warm. Black tights will be easy to find, but don't be afraid to choose colour! Bright, bold, fun tights will pop a smile on anyone's face! Pair them with a simple block colour dress, and some black or Tan ankle books and you have yourself a very cute winter outfit!

5. Pattern Pants - Okay, so if you're not a dress wearer ... and the colored tights is really pushing your limits ... stick with pants. But, lets have some fun with them! In a world filled with Denim Jeans ... why not stand out with some pattern! Many women stay away from pattern pants ... because, well, they can be harder to style and they also attract extra attention. So, first things first ... you must wear them with confidence! Secondly, the art is in the pairing ... wear pattern pants with a simple tee or top ... then layer with a cardie or crop jacket, a scarf and a simple boot. Pattern pants scream fun ... and who doesn't want that in the dead of winter!

Remember to have fun with fashion, and not loose your spark as we descend on the coldest part of the year! Layering can be a fun way to try out different colours and patterns and explore different looks and styles. Where possible, borrow from friends or buy Preloved! A new season is not a good excuse to indulge fast fashion! Stay mindful and shop responsibly!

There you have it, my five tips for brightening winter with your wardrobe! Feel free to share any tips you may have to do the same. Use the hashtag #ballaratwinterfashion on social media to share your daily winter looks!

Thanks for reading,

Bianca x

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