Plastic - Our Environmental Nightmare.

Well, I can't let July slip by without talking about this one. Plastic, the environments arch enemy! Let's start at the beginning and highlight why it is that Plastic is so bad. Here's just three facts to keep in mind next time you reach for a straw or some bottled water.

1, Every bit of plastic that has ever been produced still exists, it never breaks down, making it permanent pollution.

2. It has a very low rate of recycling, with an estimate of approx 9% of plastic that has ever been made actually being recycled.

3. Plastic finds it's way into our beautiful waterways and oceans. Scientists predict that there will be more plastic than fish, in the ocean by year 2050.

These three facts alone, make me so sad! It is a common misconception that Plastic can be recycled, so there's no problem. But there is a problem, a huge problem! The very small amount (9% as outlined above) that actually does get recycled is usually 'down-cycled' to a low grade item, therefore only extending usage momentary, and ultimately ending up in landfill. There's no escaping it. The only way to tackle this issue, is to stop using it in the first instance.

The thought of going 'plastic free' right off the bat, can be overwhelming! Especially if you are unprepared, or your head is just full up with other life things! But, it doesn't have to be an 'all or nothing' concept. We can approach this slowly, one step at a time. We're all in this together!

I'm going to share with you three changes I am making this month (and thereafter) to help reduce my family's plastic usage.

1. I am going to take my Tupperware containers to the supermarket deli and have my sliced meat and other deli items placed directly into them. Therefore illuminating the need for the plastic bag and the additional wrapping paper.

2. I'm swapping out my usual single use plastic 'spray and wipe' bottle, for a reusable aluminum spray bottle, that I can re-fill again and again with vinegar and water. 3. Have an additional 'backup' reusable coffee cup in the car ... as much as I try to remember my cup every time I leave the house ... I'm not perfect! So, I am planning ahead with a second cup, ad covering my bases!

There you have it, three pretty simple changes that anyone can make. I will be sure to let you know how I go with these changes ... and of any challenges that I face along the way. I'd love to hear what things you are doing to reduce your plastic usage? Leave me comment or get in touch via my email:

Thanks for reading!

Bianca x

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