Creating WHITE SPACE ... Part One.

White Space is a concept I learnt about during my exploration of Slow Living and Minimalist Style. White Space, to me, refers to both time and spaces in our life that allow us to be more free.

Firstly. let's focus on 'White Space' in relation to time and lifestyle. Put simply, White Space allows for things to 'not go to plan' without throwing the entire day, week or month out of whack! When our days, schedules, and general lives are so cramped with 'stuff to do' and 'places to be', we loose the ability to handle incidentals or enjoy spontaneity. It creates a ridged and stressful life that has little time for silliness or surprises (the good kind!).

Having pockets of time that are unaccounted for, gives freedom to enjoy the little things and spend time in the moment. Stops us constantly watching the clock, and allows for the unexpected, without creating a huge amount of stress!

So, how do we create this so called 'white space'? We have to build it into our days, our weeks, our months. We have to make a conscious effort to remove things from the schedule to create these times of freedom. But let's be real here, being an adult means there are things we have to do and places we have to be. That's life right?! But sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking we have to do something, when actually we don't. Perhaps we've done it for so long we've forgotten why? Take a minute to look at your diary / calendar / planner ... what does your week / month look like? Where is your time going? What is it mostly spent doing? Take the time to reflect a little. Do you have enough 'down time' to recharge ... or 'white space' to account for any unexpected things?

Sometimes we need to step back and question ourselves, is my life just happening to me, or am I choosing it? Learning to say no is hard, doing things you don't want to do it harder.

Creating more 'white space' in my life started with reducing my overall commitments, and ensuring I had my priories in check. Once that was done, I started to block out time in my week that wasn't accounted for ... I created White Space. Regardless of how I ended up spending that time, I had it up my sleeve and it gave me a feeling of freedom.

These pockets of time may be during the week or maybe on the weekend ... it will depend on your work schedule as to where you find it. There will be weeks where it is unavoidable and you struggle to find anytime to set aside, instead, look at the bigger picture. Look at the fortnight or month ahead ... where can you factor some 'white space' in? It takes practice, time and a commitment to wanting to create a slower paced life. If you want it bad enough, you'll get there, and the results will be every bit rewarding.

Next week on the Blog, in Part Two of finding White Space, I will be writing about creating visual White Space in the home.

Thanks for reading,

Bianca x

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