Creating WHITE SPACE ... Part Two.

Last week in Part One of 'Creating White Space', I wrote about finding pockets of time that can be 'blocked out' for no apparent reason but to just not have to be anywhere or do anything.

This week I want to explore the idea of 'White Space' in a physical sense, in the home. By 'white space' I am referring to space in the home that is unattended. It is a space on a shelf, an empty cupboard, a plain wall or clear kitchen bench. It's about having room to move, to breathe, to reflect.

I've spoken in a previous blog post about my struggle with anxiety, de-cluttering and creating pockets of white space in my home, has been life changing. Our brains are bombarded constantly with sensory information, information our brain has to process at a speed we can't even imagine! And it happens constantly throughout the day, some people cope well with this, without even thinking about it, others struggle. It can lead to feelings of overwhelm, stress and in my case anxiety. Creating 'white space', allows an opportunity to just be ... giving a sense of freedom.

My home is far from what I would consider 'Minimalist' ... however, the items I do have in my home, have been carefully considered. They tell a story and they are connected to me or my family in someway. Whether it be a memory of the person who gave it to me, a special place I visited, or perhaps I just fell in love with it when I saw it in the op shop (like many of my things). Either way, everything has a purpose, whether practical or emotional, I have chosen it to have a place in my life, in my home.

Creating these pockets of 'white space' in the home, takes practice. We have been encouraged to fill every space, in every room of our houses with 'stuff'! So when we begin editing rooms to have less, it takes time to appreciate the simplicity of the space. Another cushion on the bed, another artwork on the wall, a chair for that corner, and books for that shelf. All the things that we have been 'sold' by marketing giants that we 'need' to complete a room and our homes. But in fact there is very little we actually need to have a functioning space, and better yet, less to dust and clean!

I'm certainly not suggesting you begin ripping photos off your walls or clearing your husbands trophy's off the lounge room shelves!! But simply encouraging you to consider what you have in your home, and what role they play for you and your family.

Ps - This is our cat Buddy, he plays a very important role within our house, and is worth every bit of dusting and cleaning!

Thanks for reading,

Bianca x

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