Organizing the Chaos - Preparing for the year ahead.

Happy New Year! Here we are looking down the barrel of a new and shiny year! I spoke in an earlier Blog Post about not really liking new year resolutions, instead choosing to select a 'Word of the Year'. I do however, like to start the year feeling fresh and organized! I thought I would share with you some of the things I do at the beginning of the year, to help put me in good stead for the coming months. I have broken them down into categories, so you can easily make use of the areas that apply to you. I'm a mum of three girls, two of which are school age, and my baby is starting Kinder this year! So you'll see that school year preparation is a focus for me.


1. Wash out school bags with hot soapy water, and pop in the sun to dry.

2. Scrub lunch boxes and drink bottles with hot soapy water, and only replace if necessary.

3. Do a uniform audit, including socks and hair ties, check what needs repairing or replacing (unwanted uniform items still in good condition could be donated, or given to another family at school).

4. Get your bake on, choose some lunchbox snacks that can be baked ahead and frozen.

5. Get out the last newsletter you received (from the previous year), and write any curriculum days or any other important dates onto the calendar.


1. Wipe down the fronts of your cupboards with vinegar and water (in a spray bottle).

2. Remove contents of each draw and cupboard and wipe out. Use this opportunity to de-clutter as you go, anything you don't need can be donated to a local op shop.

3. Do an audit of your tea towels, to see if any need repair or replacing. If replacing, be sure to give the tea towel another life in the garage as a rag or other use in and around the home.

4. Wipe out your fridge, with vinegar and water (in a spray bottle), ditch anything past it's use by date. Dispose of into your Compost or Worm Farm if possible.

5. Do an audit of your freezer, be sure of what's in there and how long it has been there. Get out any bits and pieces that need to be used up and create something yummy. Food can only be keep frozen for a certain amount of time, so be sure to label items as you freeze them, if you are at risk of forgetting they are there!


1. Grab out all the odd socks that have been collecting over the past year ... if they don't have a pair, then let them go! If you have little ones, consider using them for a craft project ... sock puppet anyone? Or see if you can get creative on the sewing machine and do some up-cycling, try and find a use for these odd sods rather than just sending them to landfill!

2. Audit your cleaning products! Consider less chemical based cleaners when purchasing next. Also, consider exactly how many cleaning products you need. I do most of my cleaning with Vinegar and water in a spray bottle, I even use Vinegar as my fabric softener and rinse aid in my Dishwasher! It works really well!

3. Audit your linen cupboard, and consider how many sheets, pillow cases and covers you need for one bed. Consider the condition of each and whether any need replacing. Remember that Op Shops are actually a great place to check for linen! And with any old sheets and covers, look at what you are able to do with them other then sending to landfill. Old sheets make great bike covers, paint sheets and all other sorts of handy jobs in and around the house.

4. Tackle the mending / stain pile! If you are anything like me, when an item of clothing needs some extra attention, it gets popped into laundry and starts a pile! I like to start the year with a clean and clear laundry, with no out standing jobs!


1. Ignore the urge to hang onto those clothes that you swear you are going to get into this year .. because you just started another year with the resolution to 'lose the weight!' Remove any clothing that does not fit and make you feel fabulous right now! Then, either move it into storage (so it's not in your face everyday), organize a clothes swap with friends or donate to your local op shop.

2. Audit your underwear! Get rid of any items that you wouldn't like to be caught in! That's usually a good indicator of whether it's time to let them go or not! You have my permission to send these straight to landfill. Any QUALITY undergarments that are no longer needed, can be donated to the local op shop.

3. Dump everything out of your makeup bag and it out with hot soapy water. Only put back in the items that you need to keep, and are in good working condition. Anything that you no longer need, or need to replace (like mascara, which need to be replaced every few months), can be binned. Used cosmetics and body products can not be accepted by op shops, however, before tossing it into the bins, consider friends and family. Remember that your trash could actually be on their treasure, so ask around first.

4. We've all got that one watch or two, that just need a battery!! But somehow it seems easier to buy a new watch than it does to replace the battery!! Trust me, you will be feel so great finally getting this job done!!

5. Inspect your shoes ... it's amazing the wear and tear we can create on our favorite footwear! Check your fave heels, and ensure the tread is in tact! Look at your winter boots, check the soles and take steps to get the repaired before next winter, your future self will thank you!!


1. Clear your email Inbox!! If you can't delete some emails, create some sub folders to keep them organized.

2. Make the appointment! Dentist, Doctors, Eye, Physio, whatever appointments you have been putting off making, book it in now!

3. Write down 3 things you would like to achieve this year, these are not Resolutions!! But just goals / jobs that you would like to get done. For example, my three are: 1. Transfer photos from my phone onto the computer, and get some printed!! 2. Finish painting the inside of our house. 3. Organize and clean out the garage with the hubby!!

4. Update your Birthdays and Addresses lists, if you haven't got one, start one! They are so handy!!

5. Write all important dates into your diary /calendar! This includes Birthdays, Anniversary's, holidays or any other special events that affect you, your family and your friends.

There you have it, some simple ways to get organized and start the year with a bang! I've done most of the jobs on the list, I just need to get some baking done and into the freezer!

I hope you are having a fantastic start to the year and I'd love to hear what things you do to start your year, fresh and organized.

Love Bianca x

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