Road Trip, Sustainably.

Okay so, I'll be honest and say that some of these tips I had under my belt before this holiday, and some have been a surprise realization!

Holidaying as a family is new to me, well actually, just holidaying full stop is pretty new to me. Especially with a Slow and Sustainability focus.

This holiday is our first Family Holiday, my eldest is 8, so some might say, it's long overdue. But to be honest, I've never been a big holiday person. I like being in my own home, around my own things and I kind of like my routine. I love my work and am thankful to have created time in my week to do the things I love. Like having a coffee with friends, or pop into any, and all op shops I may pass by! I guess for me, it really is the simple things that keep me smiling and feeling refreshed!

Regardless, here we are, 7 days in Mt Beauty ... and what a beauty it is! Packing for the actual road trip itself, was simple. Here is a list of items that I packed to ensure our trip had as little environmental impact as possible.


- Reusable Coffee Cup

- Reusable Cold Cup with straw

- Reusable Drink Bottles (one per person)

- Knife, Fork, Spoon Set

- Reusable Car Rubbish Bag

- Snacks!! (packed at home, in reusable containers / bags)

Road tripping with children means being ready for any situation that might become us! So a lot of forward planning is needed. The importance of packing enough snacks and water can not be over stated! There is nothing more stressful than a child with an empty drink bottle and has finished the snacks before you've left the end of your street. Over pack on the snacks ... if they are well packed, they will last the journey if they have not been eaten along the way.

It can be so tempting to indulge the 'drive through' - the food equivalent to Fast Fashion - and you know how I feel about Fast Fashion! Don't get me wrong, I am no stranger to the MacDonald's drive through. But if I can avoid it (when I am organized, and have managed to plan ahead), I do. Let's face it, the drive through option has it's place, but if we can limit those times to a 'needs' basis in place of a 'want', I wonder how much waste we would save from the earth, let along the money.

I think if we can set out on our road trips with those six essentials (outlined above), we are certainly 'moving' in the right direction (pun intended!).

Stay Green!

Bianca x

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