Dear Me, from Me.

Sometimes all we need is a little quiet, to listen to our inner voice and write ourselves a letter.

Dear Me,

There’s something I need to tell you.

It’s important.

Right now, in this moment, there will never be another time when you are more beautiful.

Right now in this moment, there will never be another time when you are this young.

Do not waste these days, these moments, this life! I’m telling you, life is short, it’s fleeting and we only get one chance at it.

Please make the most of what you have, and recognize your privilege. There will be many moments in your future that will shape you, define you, and make you who you are. The pages of your life story are being written, please know, your size and weight does not feature in them.

There will be times when you look back on today, see photos and smile. You’ll realize how beautiful you were, how wonderful your body was. Your memories of hating your body will seem foolish and fill you with regret. You’ll be overwhelmed with anguish, wondering why you spent so much time and effort wishing your body was different. When in fact it was everything you needed it to be.

You’ll spend many years trying to change it. Sometimes you will succeed, and sometimes you won’t. But any change is often short lived and unfulfilling, and yet, you’ll still continue trying. Trying desperately to fix something that wasn’t broke to begin with.

I want you to know that your happiness doesn’t hide in the way that you look, it doesn’t live in your reflection. The things that will bring you most fulfillment in your life are things that cannot be measured or weighed. You'll find happiness in the most simple and unexpected places, in accepting who you are, inside and out, in recognizing your beauty as something that will change and develop through the years.

Don't put your life on hold waiting for 'perfect', you are being fooled, it simply does not exist.

From Me.

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