Breaking News … the FASHION POLICE are not real! I repeat, the Fashion Police are not real! I know, I'm as shocked as you are. But I guess this means we can wear whatever we want now, right!? Well, this is fantastic news for the Earth.

Okay, okay, I'll take the sarcasm down just a notch.

But it's true, these so called 'rules' that we often come across in the media, or from family, friends, magazines etc, it's all just someone's opinion.

So guess what, it is totally OK to wear the same outfit more than once! Yep, I said it. Firstly it’s actually incredibly wasteful not to, and secondly, and probably most importantly, no one actually cares if they have seen you in that outfit before. Trust me.

Let’s narrow this idea down even further, it’s even OK to wear the same thing twice in a week, I know right – ground breaking stuff. Well, hold onto your undies, because things are about to get crazy - it’s even okay to wear the same outfit two days in a row! (Opps,I said I was going to take the sarcasm down a bit, sorry, my bad!)

Did you know that once upon a time wearing the ‘same thing’ over and over again was the norm? It certainly wasn’t anything to question or be embarrassed about. Yep, I’ll admit, that’s going back a little while, when garments were harder to obtain, a time when a woman would have a few pieces that she would cherish, repair and care for completely. A time when women may have only had a 'good outfit' for outings and 'house clothes' for home.

I’m certainly not suggesting that we turn back the clock and only have two outfits in the wardrobe. But I am wondering, can we take some inspiration from our fore-sisters, who did it tough in the fashion game! Or did they?

I don’t know, I sort of like the idea of a simple wardrobe. I feel like it would be nice to not have to decide what to wear each day. Imagine the time and brain space we would save. I mean the struggle is real, even for someone who loves fashion and enjoys the process of putting an outfit together, like me.

The pressure to not be seen in the ‘same thing’ has somewhat increased since our friend Instagram joined the party. Am I right!? I mean, god forbid we post the same outfit more than once. We know from the War on Waste documentation that this is something that influences our youth, more than anyone.

But I wonder, what if we decided that it was ‘cool’ to wear the same thing over and over again! What about if we decided to flip this trend on it’s head and limit our options?? Imagine the time we would save, the money, the overall impact it would have on our general well being, not to mention our environment.

We know we’re in trouble right, climate change is real, that isn’t news. Fashion plays a major part in this, it is a HUGE industry. The time to make change is now, (well actually it was quite a few years back), but we can't turn back time, we can only change the future.

So, what can we do? How can we make changes that impact the earth for good?

But not only that, how can we make changes to our own lives, to make them simpler?

Ask yourself, how long do you spend thinking about what to wear each day? How does it make you feel? Do you enjoy the process, do you look forward to it? How much energy do you spend worrying about how the outfit works, if it looks okay, what other people will think of it?

Now ask yourself, what other things could you be doing with that time? Let’s do the math – if we spend 15 minutes each morning (for many of us, it would be more) … deciding what to wear, changing, swapping out a top and trying another (etc. etc.) each year we are spending approximate 91 hours, that’s over three days deciding what to wear … wow! The things we could do with that time! That’s a long weekend away!

Uniforms are a great way to limit our options, some of our world leaders, choose to wear a daily ‘uniform’. With a lot of very important decisions to make in their days, deciding what to wear just doesn't stack up! That decision is removed, saving that important brain power for much more important things.

So I guess what I am saying is, we can limit our choice’s, we can make life easier on ourselves, we can choose to impact the earth less by having less. We can decide to be an advocate for change, and post the same outfits on Instagram over and over again (gasp!). We can decide to tell our friends that we like to wear the same things, and make it 'OK' for them to do the same.

Let’s give each other the permission to ‘outfit repeat’ in fact let’s celebrate it!

Tag me in your Outfit Repeats, show me how you are styling garments differently to get more wears! I would love to see!!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Green!

Bianca x

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