Let's choose to be BoPo ...

BoPo or Body Positive as some may be more familiar with, is a choice. Choosing to live a more Body Positive life means being more positive in general and treating yourself and others with kindness. If you’re spent most of your life hating on your body, criticizing your self in the mirror, and pointing out your so called ‘flaws’ to those around you, I may be able to help.

But let me be clear, I am not writing this as a professional in Body Image, Health or Psychology, I am writing this as a woman who has spent most of her life hating on her body, a child who spent night after night wishing for a different one.

Changing my perspective on life helped immensely, but it took time, it was a lifetime of thought patterns that had to be challenged. Whilst society continued to scream at me that my body wasn’t good enough, I had to push back. And on the days when the screaming got too loud and my strength started to waver, I’d remember that sad little girl. The girl who’d cry herself to sleep, and wish more than anything that she was skinny like her sister. I'd harness that sadness and use it as motivation to inspire myself and other women to think differently about our bodies. To demonstrate to our daughters an inner strength that runs deeper than our looks, deeper than what we see I the mirror.

It’s a process; it takes time and a commitment to changing our thought patterns. I want to share with you 5 simple, but effective ways to be more BoPo right now!

  1. RESET YOUR SELF TALK: Yep, I’m talking about the thoughts that pop into your head that you don’t say out loud ... that mean girl that is relentless. It’s time to say goodbye to that Bit*h! She’s nothing but trouble and she’s going to get in the way of your BoPo life! Every time a negative thought pops up, acknowledge it as ‘not helpful’ and let it float on by. Imagine it floating away like a dark rain cloud and making way for sunshine and clear blue sky.

  2. SOCIAL MEDIA CLEANSE: Who are you following on social media? How do they make you feel? Un-follow accounts that make you feel ‘inadequate’, accounts that leave you feeling ‘flat’ rather than inspired and happy.

  3. AFFIRMATIONS: Every time you look in the mirror, washing your hands after going to the bathroom or brushing your teeth before bed, use that moment to be kind to yourself. Tell yourself something you like about yourself, note: it doesn’t have to be physical!

  4. WARDROBE EDIT: Remove any items in your wardrobe that make you feel bad about yourself! Those jeans that don’t quite fit, that dress that only works on a ‘skinny day’ ... move them out of your wardrobe! Your clothes should celebrate your body every single day, not just after a bout of Gastro.

  5. HOLD YOUR TONGUE: Contrary to belief, telling someone they look like they have ‘lost weight’ is not a compliment. Or at least it shouldn’t be. The only way we are going to change the way society accepts all bodies is to lead by example and remember that we are society, and how we behave matters. How we treat each other matters. Compliment other women on things other than their appearance. Focus on the importance of being a kind person and doing amazing things, rather than how we look while we are doing it.

Thanks for reading!

Stay safe, Bianca x

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